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**Please use the options listed under this Coaches Corner tab to navigate to the Coach Application, Umpire Evaluation and the Concussion Training Website.**

Coach Application:
All Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers MUST complete a Coach Application and agree to a confidential background check. Click the "Register Online" button (left menu) of the home page. Scroll down and select yyyy (current year) Coaches Application.

Umpire Evaluations:
Umpire evaluations must be completed for EVERY home game.  The link to access the evaluation cane be found by clicking on the "Umpire Evaluation" tab under the Coaches Corner page.  Follow the link provided.

Concussion Training:   
In accordance to Colorado State Law, ALL coaches are required to complete a mandatory training session on concussions. In addition, WR Baseball requires at least one other staff member complete the training as well.  Without proof of this training, your game schedule will not be released. Once complete, email a copy of your certificate of completion to the Registrar.  You can use any concussion training program that you feel comfortable with.  You can access one we use, by clicking on the "First Aid Concussion Training" tab under the Coaches Corner page.  There is a link on that page that wil direct you to the appropriate site.  In case of issues navigating the site, instructions are provided to you below:  

Step 1:  Go to the website: from the Link above to www.nfhslearn.org
Step 2:  Red tab across the top: click on Courses
Step 3:  In the 4th column over under FREE COURSES, the third one down is the “Concussion in Sports – What you need to know” Click on it.
Step 4:  Click the box that says: Please login to order
Step 5:  Unless you are already a member with NFHS, you must click Register Now.
Step 6:  Complete the “Register as a New User”
Step 7:  After completing the registration, order a test for yourself and put it in your cart.
Step 8:  Save the test
Step 9:  Begin the test.  Do this online versus printing a version.
Step 10:  Upon completion of the entire test, you will close the window to return to your homepage. 
Step 11:  Click on My Completed Courses
Step 12:  View the certificate. Print. Save and email ect.